Digital Sisters

Digital Sisters (DS), Inc. is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization created to promote and provide technology education and enrichment for women and children who are traditioanlly underserved. 

If the technology field is any indication of messages sent to women and girls research has shown that women have the least penetration in technology fields. This number decreasing by the inclusion of ethnicity and socio economic factors. Young girls are continuously sent daily messages that technology is “not for them.” 

Working through enhance partnerships with community based organizations, corporations, technology centers and local schools, Digital Sisters provides assistance in closing the gender gap in technology that is plaguing single mothers. We have developed and implemented programs that promote needed life skills training and address the impact of the lack of technology skills on families. Our educational philosophy is based on a participatory and interactive learning approach.

By providing support through in and out of school activities, community outreach and professional workshops, Digital Sisters empowers women and girls which further strengthens families.